Things to Remember When Lobster Fishing

Things to Remember When Lobster Fishing

Before going on your next lobster fishing expedition, it is vital that you prepare everything beforehand. More importantly, you need to ensure that you know all the rules of the game.

Who can go Lobster Fishing?

Getting licensed should be your first priority. This is a strict requirement for people aged 16 and above going on a lobster fishing trip. If you are diving from a boat, then you must have your license on the vessel at all times. Similarly, if you plan on lobster fishing from the shore, then you must know that your maximum distance is at 500 yards.

The law takes these rules. Lobster fishing without a license can lead to a minimum fine of $250. Once your licensed there are no issues and you can get to work! 

Proper Lobster Fishing Equipment

It is vital that you know which pieces of equipment are allowed for catching lobsters. As a basic rule, everyone should remember that both skin and scuba divers are only allowed to use their hands (bare or gloved) to take the lobster. Additionally, you cannot make use of short hooked poles or fish spears to get the lobsters out from their crevices and caves. Spearing the lobster is considered to be a major violation of the law. You can check your states government site to see what laws apply for your state. 

Thanks Steve Osborne aka The Wenatchee Plumber for teaching us. Steve has taught lobster fishing for over 2o years back when he lived in Seattle.

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