Spiny Lobster Fishing Tips

However, catching Spiny Lobsters can be rather tricky, especially if you do not know what you are doing. This article seeks to help with that by giving readers a few basic tips to follow on their next trip to the waters.

Here’s an awesome Lobster fishing video:

Things to Prepare

The first thing you will need to prepare is the equipment that you will be using. Presented below is a checklist of everything you will be using during your lobster fishing trip.

  • Diving Equipment – As you probably know, lobsters tend to live in the crevices, caves, and surface of the ocean floor. There is no other way to get to them without diving down into the water. That is why it is vital that you have your scuba gear ready before anything else.
  • Gloves – According to the law, divers are only allowed to take lobsters by hand. Your gloves are crucial if you wish to protect yourself from the lobster’s spines.
  • Mesh Bag – Upon catching the lobster, you will need to put them in the bag to keep them secure.
  • Measuring gauge – Most recreational fishers forget that there is a size limit in place for lobsters. This meant as a conservational policy more than anything else as it seeks to ensure the continued proliferation of lobsters in the area. That being said, the lobster you caught must be at least 3.25 inches in length. If they are not big enough, then you have no choice but to put them back in the water.
  • Dive Light – If you plan on diving during night time, then you must have your own dive light onboard. Otherwise, you will have an exceptionally hard time catching lobsters in pitch black conditions.

Lobster season is between the months of October and March. Make sure that you have everything ready by then. 

Important to note is that during the cold months it’s important to keep warm after doing a fishing trip. If you fish in Washington use Wenatchee Heating Service!

Thanks for reading.

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